World Water Day

By Oliver Krüger 1 year ago

March 22nd – World Water Day

World Water Day on March 22, is an annual reminder of the most essential resource of life, water. The day was established by the United Nations in 1992 and the topic for 2023 is “Accelerating Change”. The stated goal is to ensure clean water and sanitation for all people by 2030. The day will be accompanied by a water conference, which will be held in New York from March 22 to 24. At the start of the conference, the Unesco has published a world water report, which clearly shows how much drinking water reserves are threatened in the future or where they are already extremely scarce today. This concerns especially the poorer regions of the world, where the cost of water is rising dramatically and of course also impacts on agriculture. In the meantime, this no longer only affects the poorer regions of the world, but also directly the industrialized nations. Droughts in France, the Netherlands and Italy were recently highlighted in the press, but also in Germany the amount of precipitation has decreased significantly.

We would like to counteract this and reduce water consumption. Because the guiding principle of FDX is to improve the efficiency of flow processes in order to save resources, or to put it more simply: to save energy and water through optimal nozzle use. We took this day as an opportunity to once determine the amount of water saved by our nozzles since 2015:

0million liter water

2.1 billion liters of water! To put this into perspective, this is equivalent to approximately 14 million standard bathtubs or 84 Olympic swimming pools. At this point, we would like to congratulate our customers and partners on this success, because without their trust, this would not have been possible. But of course we are not resting on our laurels; by the end of 2024 we plan to increase water savings to a total of 6 billion liters of water. You can find out how you can help in the next section.

How do OsciJet nozzles help saving water?

The choice of the right nozzle is often underestimated. The nozzle is usually the end of a line system and has a decisive impact on performance. This is because it is usually used to reduce the pressure and accelerate the liquid. If the nozzle is too small, the pump works against the nozzle and unnecessarily increases the pressure in the system. This costs energy and can damage the pump in the long term. If the nozzle is selected too large, the liquid is not accelerated strongly enough and the desired effect does not occur.

The OsciJet nozzles generate an oscillating water jet that moves like a spot jet over the surface to be cleaned. This is in complete contrast to a flat jet nozzle, which distributes its force along a line. As a result, the cleaning power of the OsciJet nozzle is greater, making it possible to work with less water or to use a smaller nozzle size. Of course, the size is chosen so that the equipment cannot be damaged. In addition, the OsciJet nozzle has a lower drift and therefore less water loss. We have created the following video for you to see:

Do you have questions about our products? Or can we help you save water? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

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