Industrial Parts Cleaning

Process-related, the industrial production of components (mostly) results in an undesired impact of particles (such as metal chips) and dirt films (such as cooling lubricants) on the components. To ensure the quality of subsequent processes (color coating, hardening, galvanizing, etc.) or the purity of the end product, these impurities must be removed. Since the impurities depend on the production process and the product, a variety of methods are used for cleaning. In the field of spray cleaning, special nozzles and often even elaborated mechanics are used to provide additional movement.

Parts Cleaning. The Movement Makes the Difference.

What do you do when you pick up a garden hose to clean something? You probably swing it forth and back when facing persistent dirty, right?
Most people do this movement intuitively, since a moving jet cleans much better due to the interrupted drop impact. So the dynamics make a big difference when cleaning.

In parts cleaning, this is no different. The movement improves the cleaning performance. In the ultrasonic bath it is the vibration, in basket or drum washing it is the (relative) movement between cleaning nozzles and the parts to be cleaned. Often even complex mechanical solutions are used to generate additional movement.

The OsciJet nozzle, on the other hand, generates a compact moving jet without complex and therefore maintenance-prone mechanics. In addition, the nozzle adopts a flow instability in its interior and thus manages without moving parts. This makes the nozzle extremely robust and practically maintenance-free. You can find out more about how it works here (Link).

  • Cleaning effektivity
  • Cleaning time
  • Consumption
  • Operational costs

The OsciJet nozzle provides improved cleaning quality through:

  • an increased cleaning performance,
  • better cleaning of beads, drillings, holes, etc. by the moving jet
  • and by the improved washing away and washing away of cleaning residues.

Compared to conventional nozzles, the OsciJet nozzle achieves:

  • up to 25% time saving in the manual cleaning of parts. (High pressure, compared to a flat jet nozzle, determined in a customer test)
  • 7-fold time saving in patio cleaning (Low pressure, compared to perforated nozzle, self-determined)

With this we make it possible for you:

  • to achieve a higher throughput speed for continuous lines.
  • to reduce the process times for rotary table and basket washing systems.

The use of OsciJet nozzles leads to:

  • A proven reduction of water and cleaning additives consumption by up to 25%, through faster cleaning. (In the high pressure range, determined in customer tests in comparison to a flat spray nozzle)
  • A large spray angle even with low flow rates.
  • 30% less heat loss in the spray due to larger drops. (Determined in customer tests compared to a flat spray nozzle)
  • Reduction of environmental pollution.

With the innovative OsciJet nozzle you can reduce:

  • Energy costs
  • Water consumption
  • Costs for cleaning additives/chemicals
  • Environmental pollution
  • Maintenance costs due to savings on moving parts subject to wear and tear

The OsciJet nozzle thus makes a major contribution to current and future challenges in industrial parts cleaning.

The right nozzle. For every system.

As an innovative company FDX offers you the right nozzle for your machine. From a wide range of standard nozzles we can select the right nozzle for you. For special applications, we use the latest simulation software to tailor the right OsciJet nozzle for your application.

LPX-PC. The new standard.

The OsciJet LPX-PC (PC stands for Parts Cleaning) is tailor made for industrial parts cleaning. The LPX-PC is available in the following versions:

  • Spray angle: 30° and 45°
  • Nozzle capacity: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250
  • Pressure range: 1-20 bar
Product page OsciJet LPX-PC

How we test.

To illustrate the cleaning effect, the following video shows the better cleaning performance compared to a conventional flat spray nozzle. The test soiling consists of skin cream and metal shavings mixed with cooking oil. Both contaminations have different cleaning challenges and thus show the wide range of applications of the OsciJet nozzle. Even at low pressures the efficiency of the nozzle becomes visible, which brings a greater cleaning impulse to the surface by means of a compact jet.


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