FDX Fluid Dynamix GmbH is a spin-off from the Chair of Fluid Dynamics ( and was founded by the EXIST research transfer. The founder team consists of a highly competent and multi-disciplinary experienced three-headed team of engineers: Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Bobusch, Dr.-Ing. Oliver Krüger und Dr.-Ing. Jens Wintering. The three engineers, who met during their studies, have profound expertise in the field of combustion, fluid mechanics and production technology. In addition, the team gained experience in handling patent applications and legal protection in institutional and industrial contexts.

Bernhard Bobusch

Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Bobusch


Administration & Business Development


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Dr.-Ing Bernhard Bobusch is the CEO of the company. He graduated his PhD with honors at the Chair of Fluid Dynamics at Technical University Berlin. He features profound knowledge in experimental combustion research and analysis, as in experimental fluid mechanics. As a research assistant, Bernhard Bobusch intensively studied fluidic devices for shock-free detonation engines. These devices have been used throughout his research for mixing of fuel and air as well as for test rig control

Oliver Krueger

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Krüger


Technology & Simulation


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Dr.‑Ing Oliver Krüger is the CTO of the company and second CEO. He also graduated his PhD with honors at the Chair of Fluid Dynamics at Technical University Berlin. He exhibits extensive expertise in numerical simulations of complex flows involving combustion as well as high frequency oscillations, which he conducted not only for academic purposes, but also in industry.

Jens Wintering

Dr.-Ing. Jens Wintering

Production & Patents


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Dr.-Ing. Jens Wintering is the head of production and patents (CPO) of the company. He also defended his PhD with honors at the Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management at Technical University Berlin. During his research work at Produktionstechnisches Zentrum in Berlin, he worked on production strategies for novel injection nozzles in combustion engines. His know-how helps lifting conventional barriers of construction technology, which paves the way for finding creative solutions for the modifications required when going towards mass production of the new product with the overall goal of technically and economically efficient production. In 2015, Jens Wintering continued his education and graduated as patent engineer.

In addition, FDX is supported by a competent advisory council:

Oliver Paschereit

Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. Oliver Paschereit



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The company is energetically accompanied by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Oliver Paschereit. As the head of the Chair of Fluid Dynamics at TU Berlin he not only provides access to essential measurement equipment, but he also features excellent expertise and longtime experience in the field of fluidic devices.

Edmund Maestele

Dipl.-Ing. Edmund Mästele



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Furthermore, the founder team is expanding its expertise in various core areas. For sales and marketing, Dipl.-Ing Edmund Mästele was nominated as lead coach and counselor. Edmund Mästele is CEO of the consulter Spicecon GmbH (link) and an experienced sales manager as well as consulter focusing on marketing of highly technical products in need of explanation in different sectors.