For the application in demanding environments.

The Concept of a Fluidic Switch

Contrary to fluidic oscillators such as the OsciJet Nozzle, a fluidic switch can be operated actively. A slightly higher pressure is applied to one of the pressure ports which pushed the jet (gas or liquid) to the opposite side. This condition remains stable without a continuous pressure signal. However, a change of the jet conditions is possible at any time by activating the other pressure port.

Fluidic switches can be applied in wide range of processes. They are especially advantageous in environments where traditional valves can not operate. These include harsh environments with high temperature or corrosive fluids, or scenarios where fast switching times are required. A fluidic switch can be scaled to almost any size and can be adapted to almost any operating condition. For example, the following switch was used to regulate hot gases at 900deg C with switching times more than 900Hz.


Harsh Environments

Corrosive Fluids

Fast Response

harsche Umgebungen

Korrosive Medien

schnelle Schaltzeiten