Application of OsciJet Nozzle

A dynamically moving jet of fluid yields significant improvements in efficiency in numerous industrial processes and thereby has significant potential to reduce cost such as material, manufacturing and energy cost, and to reduce production time. Conventional systems require additional moving parts in order to produce moving jets of fluid. These systems are undesirable for industrial applications due to their limited lifespan, higher cost, and maintenance requirements.

Variable Oscillation Frequency. Unique Versatility.

OsciJet Nozzles can be employed in a variety of industrial processes and are advantageous wherever dynamic jets can be applied. Depending on the oscillation frequency, different jet characteristics can be obtained. On one hand, high frequencies are suitable to finely spray fluids and mix gases which yields an up to 15 times better mixing of fuel-air mixtures when compared to conventional systems. On the other hand, low frequencies are applied to generate large droplets to exert a high momentum which yields up to 7 times better surface cleaning. Therefore, these nozzles are extremely suitable for cleaning applications such as high-pressure washers and dishwashers. These and other properties make the nozzles unique in the world.

Surface Cleaning

For the purpose of cleaning surfaces, the OsciJet nozzle can show off its superiority to regular fan nozzles. Due to the sweeping and/or pulsating jet, a higher peak momentum can be applied to the local surface to be cleaned without reducing the overall size of the surface. Additionally, the movement and oscillation of the jet increases the hammer pressure which leads up to 7 times better cleaning performance.

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Fluid Distribution

The OsciJet Nozzle can also be used for any kind of fluid distribution. The nozzle can be designed to provide desired jet characteristics which can also include asymmetric patterns.


A dynamic jet can provide a significant increase in effective surface area of the cooling fluid which yields an enhanced efficiency and therefore a reduction in cooling mass flow. Furthermore, an effective cooling of areas with difficult accessibility can be achieved.

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Mixing Enhancement / Injection

High frequencies are ideally suited to produce a fine spray of fluid and to mix gases. Thereby an up to 15 times better mixing can be achieved compared to conventional system, for example, in fuel-air mixtures for combustion engines. Especially the mixing quality is decisive factor for a clean and efficient combustion process. Not only does this reduce harmful emissions but also prevents effects such as combustion instabilities which can lead to a system failure.

Spray Generation

Similar to fuel injection, the OsciJet nozzles are generally suitable to generate a fine spray of fluids or to generate bubbles. These devices have the potential to yield finer droplets at a smaller supply pressure. In addition, the spray angle is independent of the supply pressure.

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