Saving water. Our strategie.

Six months after the international World Water Day (March 22), we would like to remind you that the preservation of drinkable water, the most essential resource of life, must be secured in the long term.

Conscious and sustainable water management is fundamental for our future, which is why it is one of the 17 UN-Sustainable Development Goals, to which we make a significant contribution. In addition, we help with the advancement and economic viability of our customers worldwide through the advanced OsciJet nozzle technology.

While our optimized OsciJet nozzles not only reduce water consumption by up to 50%, they also symbiotically minimize power requirements and pump wear. Our experts are available to advise you on selecting the ideal OsciJet nozzle tailored to your application.

0Mio. liters Water

Our goal. Efficiency.

Up to now, our customers have saved a total of 2.9 billion liters of water through our OsciJet nozzles since 2015. That’s why we plan to achieve water savings of 6 billion liters by the end of 2024.

Converted, this is approximately equivalent to about 14 million standard bathtubs or 84 Olympic swimming pools.

photo by nugroho wahyu on
photo by nugroho wahyu on

Europe. Water crisis.

According to the European Drought Observatory (EDO), during the plenary session of the European Parliament from July 12th to 15th this year, it was revealed that a drought alert is already in place for 8% of the EU territory. Furthermore, there is already a warning for more than 25% of the EU‘s area.

In order to improve EU water resources, members of parliament called for measures to preserve regions that have been affected by drought and declining groundwater levels for several years. The impacts of the looming drought are already visible in France, Spain, and northern Italy, raising concerns about water supply for human consumption, agriculture, and energy generation.


OsciJet. optimized.

The use of the optimal nozzles in industrial processes create enormous potential for reducing energy and water consumption, as well as costs.

To achieve optimized results, it is essential to choose the right OsciJet nozzles for your conditions and application area.

  • If the nozzle is chosen too small, the pump works against the nozzle and the pressure in the system increases unnecessarily. This increases energy consumption and can potentially damage your pump in the long run.
  • On the other hand, if the nozzle is too large, the water is not accelerated enough, and the desired effect is not achieved.

The correct choice of the OsciJet nozzle has a significant impact on the potential water consumption savings through choosing the right nozzle capacity and spray angle, which are chosen according to the application area and OsciJet nozzle.

Overall, OsciJet nozzles show no additional wear and tear due to the absence of moving parts. The oscillating motion distributes the water jet evenly across the surface and saves up to 50% of water compared to traditional flat spray nozzles, as demonstrated in our video below.


In particular, our customers have been able to achieve water consumption savings of up to 50% with the HPX-CW and LPX-DS in car wash systems. Our nozzles also can almost completely remove the grey hazy film from the car.

Given the hygiene standards in the food industry, extreme care and efficiency are required in both the cleaning performance and heat transfer during equipment cleaning. In our tests involving cold grease residues, the MPX-CH outperformed traditional flat spray nozzles.

Specifically designed for industrial cleaning applications, the LPX-PC was developed, resulting in a cleaning performance that is up to 7 times higher due to its pulsating jet.

Do you have questions regarding our products? We are keen to advise you!

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