OsciJet LPX-PC

Industrial Parts Cleaning Nozzle

Cleaning residuals, as such particles and oil films from the produced parts is essential in many industrial processes, as a prelude to surface finishing and quality assurance. In particular for electro plating processes. Since the contamination depends heavily on the production process and material a broad variety of methods are used. However, most of these methods use some kind of nozzle and mechanic to support the cleaning process. With the LPX-PC we have designed a nozzle especially for industrial part cleaning applications. The dynamics and the spray pattern are optimized to improve the cleaning performance especially for complex parts. Additionally, the dynamics help to wash away the cleaning remainings. (Read more about parts cleaning)

Thus, the OsciJet LPX-PC helps you to increase the throughput and process speed of your machines and shortens the process time of turning plate- and basket washing systems.

OsciJet LPX-PC features overview:

  • Especially designed for industrial parts cleaning
  • Operational pressure up to 20 bar
  • Constant spray angle over whole operational range
  • Foregoing mechanical parts which are subject to wear leads to lower maintenance costs
  • Saving of energy-, water-, cleaning agents costs, and reduced environmental burden

OsciJet LPX-PC. The new standard.


Pressure in bar
1 bar to 20 bar

Spray angle in DEG
30° 45°

Nozzle capacity
100 200

Your application?

To calculate your nozzle capacity you will have to enter two out of three values. Please note that you can adjust the units. (Link nozzle capacity)

In addition to our standard parts we also offer customized nozzles. Please contact one of our sales agents shown at the bottom of the page. For your request it is usually helpful to know your desired spray angle, and nozzle capacity. We name our nozzles after the schema LPX-PC DGXX-YY°, where XX stands for the nozzle capacity and YY for the angle. For example LPX-PC DG50-30° denotes a nozzle with a nozzle capacity of 50 and a spray angle of 30°.


  • LPX-PC DG75/100-30/45
  • Spray angle: 30°, 45°
  • Material: Stainless steel, brass
  • Connection: R1/4″
  • Dimensions: 26 x 19 x 19 mm (LxWxH)
  • DG200

  • LPX-PC DG200-30/45
  • Spray angle: 30°, 45°
  • Material: Stainless steel, brass
  • Connection: R1/4″
  • Dimensions: 31 x 28 x 28 mm (LxBxW)
  • If none of theses nozzles suit your needs or you need a different material or connection just contact us.
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    • After 12 month of continuous operation we are confident that the OsciJet HPX-CS Pro from FDX provides best overall cleaning performance with outstanding durability.
      (Frank Koslitzki, CEO Stadiko )

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