Several million tons of pollutants and greenhouse gases are being emitted every year into our atmosphere as a result of poor mixing. Insufficient mixing is not only harmful for the environment but also costs a lot of money. Losses of 10 billion US-Dollars per year are produced in the chemical industry in the USA alone (source: Handbook of industrial Mixing, 2003). Mixing of fuel and air is also the key factor for the pollutant generation in combustion engines, such as gas turbines and piston engines.
With the application of our smart nozzles, FDX achieves a 15-times better mixing quality. Based on the principle of fluidic oscillators, these smart nozzles generate a sweeping jet. The additional shear of the jet movement significantly improves the mixing process. The main advantage of our nozzles is their operation without any moving parts and therefore free of wear. We are able to adapt these geometries efficiently to our customer requirements with our own technology platform. Our team consists of highly motivated specialists and together FDX offers with the OsciJet devices– Smart nozzle for the perfect mix.

Company profile

FDX Fluid Dynamix is a spin-off from the Chair of Fluid Dynamics (Link) at Technical University Berlin. The company provides the planning, development and marketing of fluidic devices for industrial applications based on our in-house technology platform. The fluidic devices are adapted to our customer requirements for ideal performance. In the following industrial processes the innovative „smart nozzles“ stand out compared to conventional solutions:

Surface Cleaning100%

Our services

Our expertise

FDX Fluid Dynamix GmbH features extensive experience and full equipment in the development and design of fluidic oscillators. Beside a broad infrastructure for flow simulations, FDX has all test facilities required for experimental validation. This ensures accurate, reproducible and ideal nozzle design based on the customer requirements.

Our offer

Our services span from analyzing the current state of your system over consulting to the planning, development and marketing of fluidic devices. Based on our long experience in the field of flow simulations, experimental validation and production-suited design, we support you from the prototype production till the final series-ready product.

Your benefits

Make use of the innovation power and expertise of the „FDX Fluid Dynamix“ team for improving the mixing quality of your process and for reducing your system’s pressure loss. This way you increase the economic performance of your system. Through the development of an ideal design of the fluidic device, pending challenges can be addressed time-efficiently with a high understanding of the system requirements.

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