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OsciJet LPX-PC. The new standard.

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If none of theses nozzles suit your needs or you need a different material or connection just contact us.
We will find a solution together.

To calculate your nozzle capacity you will have to enter two out of three values. Please note that you can adjust the units. (Link nozzle capacity)

In addition to our standard parts we also offer customized nozzles. Please contact one of our sales agents shown at the bottom of the page.

Nozzle naming scheme

We tried to find a consequent naming scheme for our nozzles. We came up with the following schema pPX-aa CXXYY°, where p stands for the pressure range, aa for the application, XX stands for the nozzle capacity and YY for the angle. For example LPX-PC C50-30° denotes a nozzle with a nozzle capacity of 50 and a spray angle of 30°.

You can find more nozzles, applications and pressure ranges with our product finder.

  • FDX offers mature innovation with fast transition to production and prolific partnership.
    (Meike Arndt, Teamleader Product Management – Mobile Watering )
  • After 12 month of continuous operation we are confident that the OsciJet HPX-CS Pro from FDX provides best overall cleaning performance with outstanding durability.
    (Frank Koslitzki, CEO Stadiko )

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