An engineering dream come true

FDX is committed to flow optimization without moving parts. The development team has been working on the design of devices which involve no moving parts at all. The advantage of these devices is that no maintenaince is required which is accompanied by a long life cycle. Beside the development of fluidic oscillators such as the OsciJet nozzle, FDX develops additional devices such as fluidic diodes and switches.

Fluidic Oscillators

OsciJet Nozzles are based on the principle of fluidic oscillators. These devices create a self-induced oscillation without requiring any moving parts.
The mechanism is as elegant as it is simple. If the inlet is pressurized with a liquid or gas, the jet adheres to either one of the internal side walls as seen in the animation. From there the jet impinges onto the wall close to the exit where it splits into two parts. While the main part of the jet exits the device, a small portion of the fluid is diverted through the feedback channel back to the inlet where it pushes the main jet to the opposite side. The process is repeated on the other side which leads to a periodic oscillation – without any moving parts.

Of course, the details of the design for these devices are important. Small changes in the geometry can already yield completely different effects. Our technology platform is able to adjust the devices to meet customer requirements such as frequency, pressure drop, and jet pattern. The oscillators are scalable to any size and work at frequencies ranging from a few Hz up to several kHz. Furthermore, devices are available which do not create a sweeping motion but pulsate in the main jet direction.


  • reliable, persistent, robust

  • maintainance free

  • no moving parts

  • scalable to any size

  • liquids and gases possible as working fluids

  • exit velocity, oscillation pattern, and frequency can be adjusted independent of the geometry

  • simple integrability and manufacturability

The dynamic jet motion can be applied to several processes, especially for applications which require a distribution/mixing of fluids (gas or liquids) and of course for application where moving parts are undesirable.

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