Next Generation Nozzle

OsciNet. The Smart Nozzle System.

The OsciNet system takes advantage of the unique properties of the OsciJet nozzle. This is because the OsciJet nozzle generates a dynamic, i.e. oscillating, gas or liquid jet whose frequency is directly related to the current flow rate. The OsciNet system uses sensors (pressure sensors, microphones, accelerometers) to determine the frequency and can use this to determine the current flow rate. Depending on the sensors used, not only the flow rate (volume flow) but also blockages and malfunctions can be detected in a simple manner. In principle, the OsciNet system can be used with any OsciJet nozzle and even independently of the medium. The OsciNet System thus elevates the OsciJet nozzle to the status of the next generation nozzle, i.e. to “Nozzle 4.0”.

How it works.

The vibrations generated by the OsciJet nozzle are easy to determine, for example with pressure sensors, microphones or accelerometers. The frequency of an OsciJet nozzle is directly related to the current flow rate. This means that not only the current flow rate can be determined in real time, but also blockages and malfunctions can be detected. These features are unique to OsciJet nozzles and can be used in virtually any application where OsciJet nozzles are used.

Application Example.

The application possibilities are almost unlimited. For example, we recently installed an OsciNet system for a customer in the food industry. The customer produces food on an industrial scale and cleans its conveyor lines during the night shift so that they are hygienically clean again the next morning. We have now equipped the customer with MPX-CH OsciJet nozzles and fitted them with an OsciNet system. After cleaning, each nozzle is read out and the water consumption is automatically documented. In the next expansion stage, we will then convert the system to wireless operation, so that the nozzle status, water consumption and even the system pressure will be permanently documented. In this way, the quality-relevant key figures can also be optimized at any time.

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