OsciJet µHPX-CS

Cleaning Nozzle

The μLPX-CS nozzle is the smallest cleaning nozzle in our portfolio. It was specially designed for medical applications. Thus, with a 2 mm diameter (capacity of 3), the nozzle fits on a conventional endoscope.

  • Operational pressure up to 16 bar
  • Made from stainless steel or glass
  • Long life time
  • Up to 7-times better cleaning performance than a spray nozzle
  • Constant spray angle over whole operational range
  • Saves water, energy, and time
  • Individual design on request
  • Patented technology




Pressure in bar
0.13 bar 16 bar

Spray angle in DEG
10° 15° 20°

Capacity in CP
1 2 3 4 5

Cleaning and rinsing Surface wetting Fluid distribution Your application?
FDX offers mature innovation with fast transition to production and prolific partnership.
(Meike Arndt, Teamleader Product Management – Mobile Watering )

The table shows the volume flow in (l/min) as a dependency of the capacity and the pressure. The capacity is a measure for the volume flow and is defined as follows:

\(\mathsf{ CP = \frac{10\cdot \dot{V}}{\sqrt{\frac{p}{20}}}, \qquad \dot{V} = \frac{CP}{10}\cdot\sqrt{\frac{p}{20}}}\)

Volume flow: \(\mathsf{\dot{V}}\) in l/min, Pressure: \(\mathsf{p}\) in bar, Capacity: \(\mathsf{CP}\).

Depending on the application, the nozzle is either made of glass or stainless steel. The nozzles provide a hose connection by default. Further connections,
operational pressures, spray angles, and capacities are possible on demand. In addition, we also offer calibrated nozzles.

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